leap day envy

I opened my computer this morning and was bombarded by Facebook posts from everyone back in Chicago rejoicing over the beautiful day they were enjoying.

This is what my day in Spokane looked like…

Leap Day = Snow Day

Unfortunately, I was stuck indoors all day… avoiding snowy roads and the impending 2-3 additional inches of snow the weather man called for.  Of course that extra snow never came…

Either way, it was a lazy Wednesday spent paying bills, searching for a new dentist, and watching ‘Friends’ reruns on TBS.  Exciting stuff, I know.

At least I had my sleepy dog Riley to keep me company all day.

I promise a fun post later this week… some nursery inspiration/ideas and a new baby bump picture!

we made it!

It’s been a busy few weeks, but we are finally (almost) settled into our new house in Spokane, Washington.  I thought I’d start a blog to help keep friends and family in the loop on our new life out in the ‘Inland Northwest’.

We’ve been caught up in a whirlwind of cleaning, unpacking, organizing and the general chaos that goes along with moving.  Rooms are finally coming together and we aren’t living out of boxes anymore.  I’ve been driving around, getting to know our neighborhood (North Indian Trail) and solving some very exciting domestic issues such as which local grocery store will become my regular spot (Safeway) and where the nearest pharmacy is (Rite Aid just down the street).

I promise more exciting posts/photos to come… for now I’ll leave you with a shot of our new house.  We are in a quiet subdivision about 20 minutes north of downtown.  Despite some interesting quirks we’ve discovered (only one phone jack which is mysteriously located in the laundry room, a myriad of light switches that appear to do nothing, etc.), we are loving the new place.

the new house