Luckily I have not suffered from any cravings that are too crazy during my pregnancy… no pickles and ice cream or any other stereotypical food combinations.

However, my sweet tooth does seem to be on overdrive most days.  I am finding excuses to include Nutella in almost every meal…  Although I know it will be a bad idea, I have plans to try out this recipe later in the week… Nutella Rice Krispy Treats

I say it’s a bad idea because I will undoubtedly eat the entire pan by myself, possibly within a 24 hour period.  But come on, how amazing do these look?

Yum! from this blog

In an effort to balance out my blood sugar, I am trying to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables as well.  I have discovered an amazing little cafe here in Spokane which has some delicious (semi) healthy options.  It’s a little place called the Maple Street Bistro.  Two of my favorite items I’ve had so far are their artichoke and leek soup, and veggie delight sandwich…

artichoke and leek

veggie delight on focaccia

Of course I may have also sampled their chocolate chip scones, carrot cake and mint mocha latte… but only after eating some veggies first 😉

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