sweet home Chicago

Since we arrived, I’ve been feeling pretty good about the move to Spokane.

Aside from a few snowy moments, the weather has been pretty great.  It’s in the 40s almost every day and we get a lot of sunshine.
The scenery is beautiful… rolling hills, fir trees, mountains, etc.

taken with my iPhone... some local scenery from my walk with Riley

But today a distinct feeling of homesickness just hit me. It started with something really random… I came across a photo on Instagram of a group of people, which was clearly taken on a CTA bus… and that was it!  I was suddenly yearning to be back home.

Now, I probably haven’t been on a CTA bus in several years (I was always more of an L rider), and I’m not sure how an image of the Chicago public transit system could bring up anything but memories of bad smells, cramped commutes and sketchy encounters with strangers… but for some reason, today, it made me remember everything I love about Chicago and being home in the Midwest.

It’s silly. I know. I am going to be back in town in just a few weeks for my baby shower… and while I may not be able to visit a lot in the next several months, with a newborn baby and all, I know that Chicago will always be there… and I can come back and visit anytime.

I guess I’m just not as well adjusted to the new locale as I thought I was.

But I’m staying positive and finding things to love here too.  And above all else, as cheesy as it sounds, as long as I have my husband, my pets and soon my little baby boy, I am home.

sunset in Chicago... taken with my iPhone last summer during a boat ride on the lake...

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