So… yesterday I spent approximately 15+ hours in bed…

No, I have not been put on bed rest… I just suddenly have the energy level of an elderly woman.  I’m not quite back to the level of exhaustion that I was at the beginning of this pregnancy, but I am definitely far more tired than I was just a few weeks ago.  Ugh.  9 weeks to go!

I have such admiration for all of those mamas who worked through their pregnancy.  I cannot imagine working at Anthropologie right now (my most recent job)… standing on my feet for 8+ hours a day and trying to look cute and ‘on brand’.  I feel extremely lucky to have spent this pregnancy at home where I can nap or rest pretty much as often as I need.

I never could have pulled off such great pregnancy style... image from The Daybook

In other baby news, the husband and I attended a ‘prepared childbirth’ class over the weekend.  The instructor was a lovely British woman named Claire who I was obsessed with.  Her charming accent made all of the info seem delightful– even when she discussed episiotomies and forceps…  She talked a lot about natural childbirth, which is my plan, and shared that she had an unmedicated home birth back in London with her 10 pound, 2 ounce son.  Yikes!  Here’s hoping my baby boy does not reach quite that weight before birth.

Some baby gear is starting to arrive at the house.  The crib should be delivered on Thursday and my diaper bag is arriving tomorrow (so excited… I got a great deal on a Kate Spade diaper bag during an online sample sale!).  One thing that has arrived is our infant carseat.  I have to say despite the ultrasounds, the weight gain and the almost constant kicking I am now getting from this little one, the fact that I am actually going to have a baby in two months doesn’t always feel quite real.  But, taking that carseat out of its box (and trying to figure out how it works) gave me a bit of a reality check.  This baby is on his way!

the reality check

5 thoughts on “zzzzzzzz

  1. Oh man, yes! Reality check indeed! I can’t believe that my little Janis is going to have a baby! A real baby! I can’t wait to see the crib (it was so gorgeous) in the room and your amazing find Kate Spade diaper bag!

  2. What an exciting time in your life! So much going on with sleep, food, emotions, learning, buying. I am so happy for you and the Baby Daddy.

    • Thanks Sue! It is exciting… maybe a bit overwhelming… but definitely exciting. Hope all is well in NM! Loved the pictures from the skit trip to Utah. Will is adorable, of course 🙂

  3. Just rest all you can now friend and enjoy it! So glad you are able to relax as much as you want and take your time planning for baby! xoxo

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