a great trip

I had a wonderful time on my trip back to Chicago… the weekend was filled with family, food, and a lot of laughter.  I wish I had taken dozens of pictures to document the trip, but I really enjoyed being in the moment and making the most of my brief time back home

Of course, one of the highlights of the trip was my baby shower!  It was really wonderful to spend the day with family and friends.

Everyone was very generous and between all of the gifts and gift cards, this baby is going to have everything he needs.

I will share some pictures from the shower soon.  Thank you to Victoria for being our professional photographer for the day! (And also, check out her fabulous blog Frankfully)

It’s been extremely rainy out in Spokane; literally record setting amounts of rain.  So, unfortunately, this will probably be a weekend spent primarily indoors.  I guess I should spend some time working on the nursery.  I now have a lot of books to work with and that vintage print I found is framed and ready to be hung.

so many fun books!


a to z


Our crib mattress, changing table and more are all on the way!  We are getting deliveries from UPS almost everyday.  It’s so much fun… but I’m starting to feel bad for this delivery man.  He is truly bringing me at least one package per day.  Can you tip UPS delivery men?

I guess I also need to pack my bag for the hospital and install the car seat, just in case?

I’m in the middle of week 33… and I truly don’t know how this baby is going to have any room to grow for 7 more weeks.

goodbye toes!

Here’s hoping some sunshine and dry weather is headed to the Pacific Northwest.

This was the beautiful scenery I had to leave behind when I flew back on Tuesday… Oh Spokane… I hope the flowers start blooming here soon!

blossoming trees at my in-laws house... taken with my iPhone

4 thoughts on “a great trip

  1. I looooove the print! (And all the books!) And I totally give my UPS guy gift cards. Usually at Christmas…but I also give “birthday” cards/gift cards 🙂 I mean, you do begin to feel bad for them! 🙂

    • Thanks! I have to get that print hung up on the wall. Husband may need to help me out with that task 🙂
      Seriously, this poor UPS man… I am literally expecting at least 4 packages to arrive tomorrow. I will definitely need to do something nice for him after he has schlepped everything up to our door.

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