giant baby update

I’m sorry my posts have been a bit sporadic lately.  The days that I actually have a decent amount of energy, I am spending making sure the house is ready for baby and for the in-laws that are coming to stay with us for awhile after baby arrives… lots of laundry and cleaning and organizing…

Speaking of that baby… I had an appointment yesterday with my midwife, as well as an ultrasound.  Good news is baby is still head down… the tech looked at his heart, bladder, kidneys, etc. and everything looks perfect… and, we confirmed that I am definitely growing a baby boy! Oh, and apparently he has a full head of hair.

The tech used the 3D ultrasound for a bit… Not sure if you can tell, but this is a shot of baby boy with eyes closed, little nose and chubby cheeks…

baby boy

In the maybe not so good news, baby really appears to be quite big… like in the 95th percentile… Luckily my midwife is still on the same page as I am as far as how we are going to proceed… She definitely is not recommending inducing me, which was good to hear.  She also said that because of baby’s size, some OBGYNs would offer me an elective caesarean, but she knows that is not the route I want to take, and she totally agrees.

I have heard and read and believe that it is very rare for a woman to grow a baby that is actually too big for her to give birth to, and luckily my midwife feels the same way.  I trust that my body knows what it’s doing.  So, at this point, my midwife just wants to let nature take its course and allow labor to begin and progress naturally… and if things stall out somewhere along the way, then we will go from there.  I feel really lucky to have a care provider that is so supportive and understanding.

However, just because I am not interested in utilizing any drugs to induce labor, that doesn’t mean I won’t be attempting some of those ‘natural’ methods of induction you read about….  I will be here doing a lot of walking, eating plenty of spicy food and trying some evening primrose oil supplements.  And, starting next week, my midwife is going to begin ‘sweeping my membranes’ (sounds like fun, right?) at each appointment, in an effort to get things going.

I am so excited for this baby boy to be born!  Knowing that he is so big, I have this feeling he might be arriving early… He is truly going to run out of space!  But of course, only time will tell…

giant baby?!

So, I had my 36 week appointment yesterday.  Blood pressure is good, baby heart rate is good… then my midwife measures my ‘fundal height’ (size of your uterus… you literally just lie down and they measure your stomach with a small tape measure)… I’ve been right on track so far this entire pregnancy.  Well, apparently this little guy had some sort of growth spurt since my last appointment…  I am suddenly measuring about 2 weeks ahead!  What this most likely means is that I am having a big baby… eek!

My midwife isn’t worried, but she did order an ultrasound to check baby’s size and amniotic fluid level.  I’ll have that next week, along with my regular check up.  From what I’ve read, the measurements that they give you during these late term ultrasounds are notoriously inaccurate… I’ve seen dozens of stories in which women have an ultrasound at 36 or 37 weeks and are told to expect a big 9lb. or 10lb. baby, only to deliver a 7 1/2lb. baby a few weeks later.  So, I am planning to take whatever they tell me with a grain of salt and am just looking forward to having another glimpse at our baby boy.  Maybe he will be in a position that allows the tech to confirm our baby’s gender and put my recent crazy dreams of a baby girl out of my mind 🙂

Good news that I got at the appointment is that I have been cleared for a quick weekend getaway!  Husband and I are going to visit my brother and sister-in-law and their two adorable boys this weekend in Bend, Oregon.  It’s going to be a quick trip, Friday evening-Sunday afternoon, but I am really looking forward to it.

Sister-in-law & I at my baby shower... Photo courtesy of my lovely friend Victoria

In unrelated hockey news, tonight is game four in the Blackhawks playoff series… so, GO HAWKS!  This also means that husband’s playoff beard is about one week strong… if the Hawks turn this into a long playoff run, I’ll be sure to share some pics of the beard as it grows 🙂

too cute

Baby clothes.  I am going to go bankrupt buying baby clothes.  Not really, but it is just so easy to get carried away shopping for those miniature pants, sweaters, pajamas, etc.

I think I’ve settled on baby’s going home outfit.  It’s from an adorable site called Babysoy.  Here’s a picture…

bunny rabbit onesie


Although I am certain that we are having a boy (the ultrasound seemed pretty conclusive), I have been having dreams lately that I have a little baby girl.  I’m sure these are just more crazy pregnancy dreams, but just in case, I thought I’d pick a relatively gender neutral going home ensemble.

I have an appointment with my midwife tomorrow morning and I will be seeing her every week from now until this baby arrives.  The countdown has officially begun!

pay it forward

We’ve had four consecutive days of beautiful weather in Spokane!  It has been such a treat to enjoy a few days of sunshine and to drive around with the windows rolled down.  Finally, it’s starting to feel like spring.

Miss Kitty enjoying the sun

Already in a good mood from the sunny day, I had a very nice encounter at the Starbucks drive through.  The customer in front of me paid for my drink!  I recently read about this trend somewhere and it was such a lovely surprise to have it happen to me.  It’s just a small thing, but it definitely made me smile.  I was sure to keep it going and paid for the person behind me… hope it grants me some good karma.

In baby news, the nursery is coming along.  Crib is assembled, dresser/changer is assembled and some pictures are up on the wall…

That's a big belly!

My next project is to get those shelves organized.  I feel like I’m back at Anthropologie, merchandising product…  What is my color story?  How can I create a sense of balance? Etc.  I am such a nerd… Well, once I have it satisfactorily ‘merchandised’ (or ‘merched’ as we used to say at Anthro), I’ll post a picture.

Tonight is our last HypnoBirthing class and it also game one in the Blackhawks vs. Coyotes playoff series!  Husband is not very happy about missing the game… and secretly, neither am I!  I have totally become a creepy Hawks fan and am definitely looking forward to the playoffs.  Luckily, it’s only game one in the first round and of course we will be recording the game.  Let’s go Hawks!

life after baby…

With just a few short weeks left in this pregnancy, I am just dying to meet this little one that I can feel kicking me all day long.  We’ve watched a lot of birthing videos in my HypnoBirthing class and I am almost in tears during each one.  I am just so looking forward to my little baby’s birthing day– this is what we have to call it in class… we are always reminded, babies are not born on their due date, they are born on their birthday 🙂

However, I have to admit that I am selfishly looking forward to a few other things that are just about me… like… sleeping on my stomach!  eating sushi!  And especially, having a wardrobe that doesn’t revolve around the same few maternity pieces that I feel like I’ve been wearing for months.

I don’t have any unrealistic expectations… I know that I will leave the hospital still looking at least 6 months pregnant, but that actually sounds really good right now…

Anyway, I’ve been searching for some non-maternity pieces that I can wear post-baby while I get back into shape.  Of course, I turned first to my fave store and former employer, Anthropologie.

These two tops are currently on their way to my closet…


Petal Window Tee... really cute cutout detail in back... may need to purchase in additional colors


I’m hoping these drapey tops will work with the various pairs of yoga pants that I’m sure I will be living in once baby arrives.  I know they are so plain, but just the thought of having something new feels really exciting.  I’ve also discovered a handful of cute clothing boutiques here in Spokane and I can’t wait to be able to shop them.

In completely unrelated news, I saw this video on Facebook, and just think it’s hilarious.  If you are a Cubs fan or a Sox fan or a Ron Swanson fan (if you do not know who Ron Swanson, please do some research asap– one of the funniest characters on TV right now), I think you will appreciate this…  Have a good weekend!

34 Weeks

Just a quick post…

I had an appointment with my midwife today and everything is looking great.  I’m measuring right on track, baby is still head down… good news all around.  I go back in two weeks and then it’s every week until the end.  I’m in the home stretch!

In other news, it snowed today in Spokane.  And it hailed.  What?

Happy Spring! (Photo taken with Hipstamatic)


I thought the saying was, “April showers bring May flowers,” so what does April snow bring??