too cute

Baby clothes.  I am going to go bankrupt buying baby clothes.  Not really, but it is just so easy to get carried away shopping for those miniature pants, sweaters, pajamas, etc.

I think I’ve settled on baby’s going home outfit.  It’s from an adorable site called Babysoy.  Here’s a picture…

bunny rabbit onesie


Although I am certain that we are having a boy (the ultrasound seemed pretty conclusive), I have been having dreams lately that I have a little baby girl.  I’m sure these are just more crazy pregnancy dreams, but just in case, I thought I’d pick a relatively gender neutral going home ensemble.

I have an appointment with my midwife tomorrow morning and I will be seeing her every week from now until this baby arrives.  The countdown has officially begun!

3 thoughts on “too cute

    • Thank you! 26 days until official due date… but they say with your first baby, the average pregnancy goes 41 weeks and 3 days… which puts me at May 24th, aka husband’s birthday… Husband and baby boy might be sharing a birthday!

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