giant baby update

I’m sorry my posts have been a bit sporadic lately.  The days that I actually have a decent amount of energy, I am spending making sure the house is ready for baby and for the in-laws that are coming to stay with us for awhile after baby arrives… lots of laundry and cleaning and organizing…

Speaking of that baby… I had an appointment yesterday with my midwife, as well as an ultrasound.  Good news is baby is still head down… the tech looked at his heart, bladder, kidneys, etc. and everything looks perfect… and, we confirmed that I am definitely growing a baby boy! Oh, and apparently he has a full head of hair.

The tech used the 3D ultrasound for a bit… Not sure if you can tell, but this is a shot of baby boy with eyes closed, little nose and chubby cheeks…

baby boy

In the maybe not so good news, baby really appears to be quite big… like in the 95th percentile… Luckily my midwife is still on the same page as I am as far as how we are going to proceed… She definitely is not recommending inducing me, which was good to hear.  She also said that because of baby’s size, some OBGYNs would offer me an elective caesarean, but she knows that is not the route I want to take, and she totally agrees.

I have heard and read and believe that it is very rare for a woman to grow a baby that is actually too big for her to give birth to, and luckily my midwife feels the same way.  I trust that my body knows what it’s doing.  So, at this point, my midwife just wants to let nature take its course and allow labor to begin and progress naturally… and if things stall out somewhere along the way, then we will go from there.  I feel really lucky to have a care provider that is so supportive and understanding.

However, just because I am not interested in utilizing any drugs to induce labor, that doesn’t mean I won’t be attempting some of those ‘natural’ methods of induction you read about….  I will be here doing a lot of walking, eating plenty of spicy food and trying some evening primrose oil supplements.  And, starting next week, my midwife is going to begin ‘sweeping my membranes’ (sounds like fun, right?) at each appointment, in an effort to get things going.

I am so excited for this baby boy to be born!  Knowing that he is so big, I have this feeling he might be arriving early… He is truly going to run out of space!  But of course, only time will tell…

2 thoughts on “giant baby update

  1. That is the cutest giant baby I’ve ever seen! And I’m betting he won’t be so giant (hopefully)! Keep walking 🙂

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