quick update…

Had an appointment with my midwife yesterday afternoon.  Things are looking good (the usual– baby heartbeat, blood pressure, etc.)… but my midwife is eager to try and ‘encourage’ labor to get going soon (especially now that I am just days away from my due date)… She knows that I really want to try for an unmedicated/natural childbirth and the longer this little baby waits before coming out, the bigger he will be… and delivering a 12 pound baby just doesn’t sound like much fun….

So, I’m going back in tomorrow morning with hopes that I am a bit more dilated and she is able to do the ‘membrane sweep’ … I’m slightly nervous about the discomfort level of this procedure, but it really seems to be one of the least invasive (and non-drug related) ways to try and start labor.

We will see how it goes.  I am very excited that baby will be here so soon!!

In other baby news, have you seen all of the hubbub about this TIME Magazine article?

TIME Cover: Meet Dr. Sears, the Man Who Remade Motherhood | Healthland | TIME.com

I’m not totally sure how I feel about extended breastfeeding, but regardless, I am sad that the article seems to further perpetuate the silly competition that seems to go on between mothers… The headline, “Are you Mom enough?” just seems like it is egging on the notion that somehow doing one thing or another can make someone more of a mother… I don’t know… I mean, there are definitely some things I feel strongly about, but I just feel like it would be more productive if women could just stick together and support one another, rather than turning everything, even motherhood, into a contest.

Just my two cents.  Let’s stick together mamas 🙂

5 thoughts on “quick update…

  1. Totally agree with what you said about the Time article. I personally think breastfeeding is a great thing but I am not a psucho about it either. If it works, great, if not that’s totally fine too! Society is off their rocker sometimes! Can’t wait to hear the news of baby boy arriving! Hope things progress for you soon!

  2. Yay for baby boy arriving very soon!! Hoping the sweep will get things going 🙂 Also fully agree with you about the Time Mag article. Seriously, I hate that it always seems like the media wants to pit moms against each other. No matter how you choose to feed your child, we need to support one another. We all love our babies and will do anything to keep them safe, and that is a tie that binds us 🙂

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