he’s here!

As many of you already know, Lincoln Gary La Crosse arrived Saturday May 19th at 9:45pm… and all of those predictions of a giant baby were VERY accurate… 10lb. 2oz., oh my!

I will put together a post with more details of labor/delivery soon… but I promise not too many TMI details πŸ™‚

For now, just a few more pictures of baby Lincoln taken by a professional photographer who stopped by the hospital…

look at those big eyes…

…barely fitting into that little basket!

baby feet…

And some lovely flowers and balloons we’ve received…

thank you Aunt Sally & Uncle Craig!

… and thank you Nani & Popi!

9 thoughts on “he’s here!

  1. Oh friend, I have chills, Lincoln is such a gorgeous little boy! So beyond thrilled for your new family of three! Enjoy these early days, they are so special.

  2. Oh Mama and Daddy…my eyes filled with tears seeing the photos of your new life. What a wonderful time you are in. Beautiful Lincoln!

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