first excursion

Baby Lincoln took his first trip outside of the house today… a trip to the pediatrician!

Most everything looks great… They were a little worried about his weight– specifically how much he’s lost since birth –which seems impossible to me… he’s still such a big guy!ย  But, either way, I am taking him back in tomorrow to do another weight check.ย  I’m sure he’ll be fine and plumping back up to his birth weight in no time.

baby boy all dressed up to go…

Today was also husband’s birthday!!

Happy Birthday Dad!

5 thoughts on “first excursion

  1. I’m in such awe of the perfectness of him. I’m so glad Michael has decided not to wait til Lincoln is 6 months to hold him. What a wonderful Birthday gift – Janis, no one can ever top this gift!!! Love to you all.

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