in the crib

I am definitely not ready to put Lincoln in his crib to sleep at night.  He and I are very happy with him sleeping right next to me in our awesome Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper.  I love that he is able to sleep in our bedroom, without actually being in the bed– which I think would cause me too much new Mom anxiety, worrying I would roll over onto him or something… But with the co-sleeper, I can watch him breathe as much as I want to ease my mind and it also makes the night-time feeding easy, since I can just turn over and grab him– usually before he gets too fussy or starts to really cry.

Anyway, although we are not using it just yet, Lincoln does have a crib all set up in the nursery.  I laid him down there today while I was folding some laundry and he seemed to have a pretty good time just laying there, hanging out…

I know he’s a big boy, but he looks pretty tiny to me in that crib…

what are you looking at baby boy?


6 thoughts on “in the crib

  1. Janis! I love to see him in the crib…I mean because I can see all of him! He does look tiny, and I love his face!! I’m so glad to hear that you love the co-sleeper…so cool. I’m glad it’s really working out 🙂

    • Well, I may have over exaggerated how much he likes the co-sleeper 😉 We had a few good nights with him in there.. but now he insists on being held pretty much all night long… sleeping on my chest… It’s very sweet, but I feel like I might need to wean him off of that habit… I might want to sleep without baby attached to me at some point 🙂

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