Lincoln’s birth story… part one…

I thought I’d share some more details about the day that Lincoln was born before it all becomes a blur in my memory…  It’s kind of lengthy, so I’m splitting it up into two posts…

Although this wasn’t exactly the birth that I had planned for, it turned out to be a pretty wonderful day…

husband and I at dinner the night before we went into the hospital…

Husband and I got to the hospital around 8pm on Friday, May 18th.  After checking in and getting settled in the room, a nurse gave me the Cervadil insert and the induction process was officially underway!  Since I was on the Cervadil, I had to have continuous external fetal monitoring… which consisted of two sensors on my stomach being held in place with a kind of tube top that went around my belly.  It actually wasn’t too bad.  The sound of baby’s heartbeat became a soothing background sound as we attempted to get some sleep.

excited for labor to begin!

Around 3am, I got up out of bed and realized my water had broken!  I was thrilled and paged the nurse.  The Cervadil came out and I was able to come off of the continuous monitor.  I had high hopes that since my water had broken, my body might take over from there and active labor would begin.  I did start to have contractions, but they were pretty random and sporadic and not too intense.

I tried to get some rest, but the labor & delivery bed was extremely uncomfortable.  My nurse was amazing that night… since it was clear that it would be hours before I delivered the baby, she swapped out my bed with one from the ‘mother and baby’ postpartum side of the floor.  It was still a hospital bed, but compared to the l&d bed… it felt like heaven!

My midwife came around in the morning… I think around 8am to check on me and see how much progress I had made.  Unfortunately, I was not very dilated.  She agreed to give me some more time before starting any Pitocin.

I tried walking around a lot, bouncing on our ‘birthing ball’ (really just an exercise ball), taking a warm bath and anything else I could think of that might help get things going…

At 10am, our nurse came in and said she had spoken to my midwife who believed we should start the Pitocin.  I asked if we could wait one more hour… I really wanted to avoid Pitocin if at all possible.  My lovely midwife Shelley was fine with that and let me go until 11am.

Unfortunately, even with that extra hour, I still wasn’t making much progress, so we started the Pitocin- and I was put back on the external monitor.

I asked for the lowest dosage of Pit possible, and still shed a few tears when they hung the bag.  I was just so bummed that I wasn’t able to get labor going on my own and felt like maybe my body and my baby just weren’t ready.  However, my amazing husband reminded me all that really mattered was that baby arrived safe and sound, even if he needed a little assistance to come out– and at 40 weeks and 5 days along, we knew that even if we were medically ‘encouraging’ labor to start, our baby was definitely fully developed…

The morning turned to afternoon and while the contractions definitely became stronger and more regular, they were still 3-5 minutes apart– and at each check, I wasn’t making progress past 6cm.  Since my water had broken at 3am, we were on the clock to get the baby out– once your water breaks, you typically are ‘allowed’ 24 hours to deliver your baby.  After 24 hours, the risk for infection becomes a serious concern for most doctors/nurses, as the baby is no longer being protected by any amniotic fluid…

enjoying a break between contractions…

After a few hours and still not much progress, my midwife wanted to determine if my contractions were ‘productive’ and suggested we insert an intrauterine pressure catheter.  It just basically a small plastic tube that they insert into your uterus that can better monitor the strength of your contractions.  I have to say this was one of the most uncomfortable parts of labor.  Ugh.

After watching this monitor for awhile, my midwife felt that we needed to kick up the Pitocin… It must have been 5 or 6pm by then…

Finally, labor started to get intense.  Contractions were getting more powerful and the wonderful breaks I had been enjoying earlier, became much shorter and less restful.  It seemed that even when a contraction ended, I still felt kind of crampy and uncomfortable.

Through it all, my husband was wonderful.  He helped me change positions as often as I wanted… gave me water and towards the end ice chips… covered me in a blanket when I was cold and wasn’t annoyed 10 seconds later when I was suddenly too hot… he held my hand and when I was working through the stronger contractions, he encouraged me to breathe… I absolutely could not have made it through the day without him.

Towards the end, I spent labor leaning against husband, squeezing his hand (probably too hard), and rocking back and forth.  I finally began to feel that urge to push.  My midwife was there and she encouraged me.  After a few contractions, I got into the bed for a check on my progress.

Hooray!  I was finally at 10cm!

to be continued 🙂

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