Lincoln’s birth story… part two…

The next hour or so is pretty fuzzy… Once it was clear that I was ready to start pushing, the room seemed to get a bit tense and suddenly there was a team assembled to help with delivery.  My midwife was concerned that my giant baby might get his shoulders stuck… and that can become a pretty serious complication… So, in addition to my midwife Shelley and several nurses, an OBGYN who is a part of Shelley’s practice came in to assist, if necessary… Her name was Dr. Miles and luckily, she was really wonderful.

She quickly explained to me the various situations that could unfold if baby boy’s shoulders got stuck… which ranged from a little twisting and turning to help pull him out to the most serious outcome– an emergency cesarean.  Of course, the c-section was worst case scenario, but she wanted me to be fully aware of how the delivery could pan out…

I am really not sure how long I pushed… Husband thinks it was at least an hour… All I can say is that it was a lot of work, but I was very focused.  I wasn’t really in any pain during the pushing phase… it just felt like a lot of pressure.  Everyone in the room helped me stay positive and gave me great encouragement.

Finally, after some unknown amount of time, little (or not so little) Lincoln arrived!  It was 9:45pm… just about 24 hours after we began the induction process…

Husband did a great job documenting those first moments… We have some very special video of our first moments together and some wonderful pictures as well…

well hello there Mr. Lincoln…

…so nice to meet you!

I was able to have immediate skin-to-skin contact with Lincoln and hold onto him for almost an hour which was exactly what I had hoped for.  The staff was a bit eager to get him on the scale… they had been placing bets on how much he weighed!!

10 pounds, 2 ounces and about 21.5 inches long… I had my giant baby 🙂

After getting cleaned up a bit, we moved from the labor & delivery room to the ‘Mom and Baby’ side of the floor.

Nani and Popi were there to meet the little guy.  And so was his uncle, who had literally just landed in Spokane as Lincoln was being born.

Thank you for coming to meet me uncle Steven!

The next two days were spent sleeping, cuddling, enjoying family, and falling in love with our baby boy…

resting up…

sweet baby boy

Lincoln with his Aunt Jen and cousins, Andrew & Connor

hello Nani!

and hello Popi!

Finally, it was time for us to go home.  Things felt kind of surreal… we really had a baby!  And now we were taking him home!  To our house!

I know it’s silly, but it was just a crazy moment… realizing that this was it… we are officially parents… Very exciting… but maybe a bit scary too…

off we go!

And now it’s been almost a month and I can’t believe how quickly time is going by… It was an adventure getting here and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for our little family 🙂

growing and changing everyday…

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