out and about…

I am still getting used to taking Lincoln out of the house… It seems silly that it would be so hard to coordinate taking such a small person out and about, but somehow it still feels like a lot of work.

The main problem I have right now is that Lincoln apparently hates his car seat.Β  He is generally a very happy baby and only cries/fusses if he is hungry or tired… but boy oh boy does he scream in the car!

So, the trick to avoiding a backseat meltdown seems to be… 1. get him into his car seat when he is sleeping, 2. keep trips very short and 3. don’t stop moving the car, ever πŸ™‚

To my son’s dismay, however, I do occasionally have to stop of course at a red light or stop sign.Β  During each stop, I say a little prayer that the pause in motion doesn’t awaken the little man.

I know that logically he is fine back there… I always make sure he has eaten, has a clean diaper, etc., and I know that in the future he will enjoy car rides (or so I hope!), but it sure is difficult to listen to your little one crying without anyway to reach them…

Last week, we took a lot of trips out of the house.Β  My Dad was in town and almost everyday we went out for a bit… to the park, to visit husband at work, or just to drive around the city.Β  Lincoln did pretty well.Β  I’m hoping that the more I take him out, he’ll get used to the car and realize it is a fun place, not a torture chamber πŸ™‚

hanging out with grandpa…

And just a few more recent pictures…

working on lifting that big head!

big stretch!

11 thoughts on “out and about…

  1. just so you know.. when you were his size, you too used to cry at stop lights. when we’d stop and you’d cry, i’d just say we have to stop now, honey, and then you were ok. πŸ™‚

    • or sing to him, like i used to for u at bed time… try stay awake, used to work for me and you, remember? πŸ™‚ or play one of those classical cds i sent you in the car, bet that would work.

  2. I feel your pain! Asher really hates his car seat too! Unfortunately for me (and him) he wakes up as soon as I put him in it. Lately I’ve been giving him this little musical toy to play with/ chew on. It’s helping a little! I’ll let you know if Icome across some magical secret to making him happy in there… doubtful though!

    • It really stinks that Asher won’t stay asleep! Ugh. Lincoln is just starting to really look at and grasp at toys, but it is definitely something I will be trying as soon as he seems more interested in them. I have a big mirror back there so that I can see him, and I think he can see himself in it too… He’s also just starting to enjoy looking in a mirror, so maybe that will help keep him entertained too? Keep me posted on any magical secrets you discover πŸ™‚

  3. Sing to him and make silly sounds Asher loves the sound of a buzzing bee. The picture of him stretching is awesome !!!

    • Silly sounds are a good idea… I haven’t tried that yet… I just love his little grumpy face in that stretching picture… and I really love the adorable onesie he is wearing in it πŸ™‚ Thanks again!

  4. Oh my friend! I can’t even imagine having a baby crying in the back seat! Such different problems you have now than a year ago πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ Lake County Fair is coming up! Hahaha! I’m gonna miss you and Michael while I’m eating my pineapple whip! πŸ™‚

    • Um totally! I think this time last year I was dashing around to auditions in the city… now I am dashing around changing diapers and visiting the pediatrician πŸ™‚ A lot has changed in one year!
      I am SO sad that I am missing the Lake County Fair!! There is a Spokane County Fair, I think in September, and I definitely want to go… I can only hope, for Michael’s sake, that there is pineapple whip πŸ™‚

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