10 pounds…

As you may recall baby boy weighed 10 pounds at birth… (and 2 ounces 🙂 )

Well, now I am referencing a different 10 pounds…  Ten weeks after having Lincoln, I am officially (essentially) 10 pounds away from my pre-preggo weight.  Woo-hoo!

To be honest, I was dieting right before I got pregnant and was a bit thinner than usual. (I did the Dukan diet, which actually worked really well…)  But 10 more pounds and I will be (relatively) happy with my weight and hopefully back into all of my normal clothes.

last year… end of summer in Kauai just before I found out I was pregnant…

well now I’m just wishing I was back in Kauai… it was such a lovely trip…

I am actually pretty lucky…  I have done next to nothing in terms of working out, aside from neighborhood walks with Lincoln and countless treks up and down the stairs in our house– usually bringing Lincoln up to the nursery for diaper changes, which happens many, many times each day.

my personal stairmaster

And of course, although at the end of my pregnancy, I looked like this…

I was a giant!

… it was all worth it, because now I have this guy in my life.

I love my baby boy

4 thoughts on “10 pounds…

  1. congrats on your weight loss!
    carrying him around and up and down steps is your workout! plus breastfeeding. yay you. excellent mom and all…
    your mom

  2. Friend, that’s amazing for just 10 weeks post partum! It’s incredible what nursing and taking care of a little baby can do! I really love the last photo of you and Lincoln together, such sweetness xoxo

  3. The picture of you and Lincoln is amazing!! I can’t wait to see more amazing mommy pictures like that 😉 and totally congrats on the weight loss! You look amazing…especiallyy because you’re a mom!!

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