There is a lot of talk in baby books about various milestones… smiling, sitting up, crawling, etc.

Well, yesterday Lincoln achieved a new “milestone” … He rolled over, from his back to stomach!  Babies usually roll stomach to back first; it’s a bit easier… but apparently Lincoln wanted to go the more difficult route first 🙂

Of course I missed the first time he actually did it… I laid Lincoln down on his back in the cosleeper while I was in our bathroom brushing my teeth.  I finished brushing, went back into the bedroom, and there he was on his stomach, head held high, smiling at me!  I thought maybe it was just a fluke, but he has done it many times since.

Now if only he would get back to his ‘normal’ sleep routines… He was doing some good stretches at night… at least 3-4 hours and even went 6 hours a handful of times!  However, the past two nights he has literally been up every hour or hour and a half.  It’s been awesome 😉

Luckily for Lincoln, he is really darn cute, so I forget about all of those sleepy middle of the night feedings pretty quickly…

I was obsessed with his outfit this day…

getting so big!

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