back to reality

It was a wonderful week in Bend with the family.  We had a lot of fun dinners, a game night and I was even able to squeeze in a power yoga class with my sister-in-law.

Lincoln loved visiting with his aunt & uncle, cousins and especially his Nani & Popi. Unfortunately, I am a TERRIBLE photographer and I only snapped a few pictures all week long.

Most are from my nephews’ soccer games this past Saturday…

it was a chilly day… luckily, we just bought Lincoln a warm & cozy fleece outfit to wear

Husband was crazy without a coat… maybe little Lincoln was helping keep him warm…

later in the day we had to add a hat underneath the fleece hood… chilly!

the boys didn’t seem to notice the cold and had a great afternoon playing soccer…

love the way he posed for this picture… and the sweatband

Back inside, Lincoln had a great time playing in Nani & Popi’s exersaucer…

somehow this is the only picture I got all weekend with Lincoln & Nani

And here are two pictures I snapped on my iPhone at breakfast one morning.  Both of the kids were very sweet with Lincoln…

Now it’s back to real life with loads of laundry, dishes to wash and no early afternoon naps for Mom.  But that’s okay.  I still get to spend every day with this little guy…

thanks Aunt Rose for the Halloween book! I will have to get a picture of him in the cute outfit you sent…

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