long days

We’ve been laying low for the past few days… Lincoln has a bit of a cold.  It’s really just a runny nose, but I feel terrible that he can’t just blow his nose.  He’s had some trouble nursing, since he needs to breathe through his nose… there’s been some coughing and some frustrated tears, but he’s doing better everyday.

Despite the sniffles, he is still working on his crawling skills and getting pretty good.  He specifically loves going after things that are not his toys, like the TV remote, a cell phone or my coffee.  Here’s a little video I took today of him desperately trying to get to my Starbucks cup (don’t worry the cup is empty… I’m not feeding my child soy lattes…)

At Mommy & Me last week, I heard a quote that has stuck with me… “Being a mother means long days, but short years.”

I know that I am always rambling on about this, but I cannot believe Lincoln is already almost 6 months old.  While there are some long, challenging days, this is definitely on track to be a very short year.

2 thoughts on “long days

  1. I love his crawling, I can’t believe it!! We used to put the remote on the floor and Will would go after it 🙂 That cutie!

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