in a rut

Maybe it’s because January always feels like the longest month ever… Maybe it’s because it has been cloudy everyday for what feels like the last 500 days… Maybe it’s because I am just getting over a very unpleasant head cold… Maybe it’s because I am still sans any real friends out here…

Whatever it is, I have been feeling a bit blah lately…

But, I am forcing myself to get out of this funk… I did some searching and found two new mommy groups here in Spokane.  I’m feeling optimistic about the potential for finally making some mom friends.  I went to a ‘meet up’ today at some local kids’ gymnastics center and Lincoln had a fantastic time crawling all over the colorful, bouncy floor.

Also, I have to get outside and get some fresh air everyday, even if it is cloudy and grey and cold.  I know it’s good for Lincoln and (I’m sure) good for me.  I am committing to daily walks with baby boy… even if we are only outside for 10 minutes, I’m sure it’s better than nothing.

maybe if I looked glam like this all bundled up, I'd be more excited to get outdoors... image from here

maybe if I looked glam like this all bundled up, I’d be more excited to get outdoors… image from here

Two exciting developments in Lincoln world…
His two front teeth are almost in!  One of them is completely through the gums, and the other one finally started to pop through this morning.  Poor thing.  I cannot imagine how painful teething must be.

And, Lincoln started saying, “Mama” today!  Now, I’m not certain that he was actually directing it at me, but I was still pretty excited to hear him babble, “Ma, ma, ma, ma…” all day long.

Here’s to a happier week!

we took this picture around Christmas... look at his face... too funny...

we took this picture around Christmas… look at his face… too funny…

8 thoughts on “in a rut

  1. I can understand how you feel. I was in your place when Tim was in the navy moving from place to place not knowing the area , no friends, but it does get better you . I was wondering if you checked into some Montessori schools in your area some began as early as zero to six month old children . They offer half day programs and offer three day a week programs. I am a Montessori Directress ( not sure if you knew that ) but it is a wonderful way of teaching. It would also give you plenty of friends and sooooo many play dates that you would fill your calendar . Even though it is cold and dark take a moment while outside with Lincoln and explore allow him to experience the Beauty of nature hang a bird feeder close to a window take him to the flower market let him smell and pick out some flowers. The places you go even if its just the grocery store the more people you will meet friendships can happen anywhere . If you need to talk I’m always here.

    • Thanks Rose! I think the Montessori philosophy is wonderful and definitely something I am interested in for Lincoln. There are a few Montessori schools here, but I don’t believe any of them offer programs for kids younger than 2 1/2.

      There is a Waldorf school here (not sure how much you know about that type of school? but it seems to have some similarities to Montessori…) which has a ‘parent-toddler’ class for 12 months-2 years. I am planning to participate in that with Lincoln this fall.

      It is tough meeting people in a new place… I can imagine how difficult it was each time you and Tim had to relocate! Thanks for the advice and support. I appreciate it 🙂

  2. Friend, your aunt has great advice 🙂 I totally agree! It’s so hard meeting friends but having a baby makes it easier!! Going to play dates with the mom’s groups is great, keep doing that. That’s how I met all of our friends here! You feel nervous or awkward at first but if you put yourself out there it’s worth it 🙂 and I always go out on walks with Will (well haven’t as much lately) but it makes a huge difference in your day, fresh air is a lifesaver. Really, I just wish you still lived here, we miss you! But your future new friends there will be lucky to have you 🙂 xoxo

      • Thanks friend! Oh I miss you too and wish we were still back in Chicago… I know that Lincoln would just love chasing around, trying to keep up with Will 🙂

        It is semi-awkward trying to meet new friends… I mean, I feel like in your adult life, how do people normally make friends? At work, right? And that’s easy… you are there everyday, you are in the same situation together, etc. This is a bit harder, but I am going to keep at it and hopefully someone will want to befriend this Chicago transplant 🙂

  3. My little great nephew is getting so big and I’m so happy that I can follow his life through your eyes. We miss all of you and when I see the photos, we realize how much we miss of his day to day life. kisses to all. Aunt Sally

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