valentine’s day

Hope everyone out there had a lovely Valentine’s Day!
Husband and I had a pretty low key evening… it was ‘Chili’s To Go‘ for dinner and a new episode of ‘Project Runway‘… and it was perfect 🙂

I am totally excited to make fun Valentine’s Day crafts, gifts and treats with Lincoln as he gets older.  There are so many fun ideas out there… I created a board on Pinterest filled with ideas for next year here!

In other news, apparently my seasonal depression disorder is rubbing off on husband; he has given up on shaving and has a pretty serious beard going on.  I’m not the biggest fan, but Lincoln seems to love it.

fun with Dad at the end of the day...

fun with Dad at the end of the day…

I know I mentioned before that Lincoln had started babbling “Ma ma ma ma…” and I didn’t think it was directed at me… Okay, well I totally think he is saying it to me now!  He doesn’t just randomly say “Mama” all day; he only says it when he is sad and wanting to be picked up by Mama.  It’s very sweet 🙂

Well, Lincoln and I are off to a play group that we’ve been going to for the last two weeks… I don’t necessarily like to try and fit into any sort of parenting style label, but this is a group for “attachment parenting” mamas.  There are a lot of aspects of “attachment parenting” that I was already doing before I even discovered the label (breast feeding, cosleeping, baby wearing, etc.), so it’s been good to meet some other moms doing the same things. (In case you are curious, here is some more info on the “attachment parenting” philosophy)

Lincoln's new squinty face

Lincoln’s new squinty face

One thought on “valentine’s day

  1. attachment parenting? thats what i did all of those years with you and jamie, didnt know there was a term for it besides just being a good mom.

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