Happy March!

A few random musings on this Friday…

* Have you seen this new Threshold brand at Target? I pretty much love everything that they are selling under this brand. Anyway, in my quest to “green” our lives, I ditched our plastic spoons/spatulas/etc. this week and got some very cute “Threshold” kitchen tools made of acacia wood. Next, I am trying to learn more about essential oils. I am going to a little event at a cafe here next week led by a woman who sells products from doTERRA, a line of really high quality essential oils. Anyway, apparently you can use EOs for all sorts of things… cleaning, as homeopathic remedies for various ailments, to help with relaxation and sleep… I am excited.

* I mentioned before that I have eliminated dairy from my diet because of some tummy issues Lincoln was having… Well, I’ve slowly started adding some dairy back in here and there, but one thing I’ve discovered in my dairy-free life is coconut milk ice cream and it’s awesome! I’ve tried several flavors from the Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss brand and they are delicious. Now, this ice cream may be dairy free, but it is by no means healthy… it is still ice cream… but I have to say, I don’t know if I will ever go back to the regular stuff… it’s that good.

my most favorite flavor... yum, yum...

my most favorite flavor… yum, yum…

* I waste a lot of time on Instagram on my phone, sharing pictures of Lincoln and what not, and I have begun to stumble upon all sorts of bloggers, artists and designers who share their work there. One brand that I think is just adorable is called Hello Apparel. They have cute stuff for kids and for adults…

love this raglan pullover... link here

love this raglan pullover… link here

* And some exciting news for me… husband shaved his beard! It must be the ridiculous winning streak that the Blackhawks are on that cheered him up and pushed him to do it.

no more beard face!

farewell beard face!

Hope you have a great weekend! Here’s hoping some spring-like weather will be on the way shortly…

3 thoughts on “Happy March!

  1. I must try this Coconut Bliss ice cream! It sounds so good! And no lactose! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I totally did see your “Happy March” post and just didn’t want to think of a more creative title for mine 🙂 Hey, what are friends for?

    • Yes, you should definitely try coconut milk ice cream. I really love it. I also have switched to almond milk for coffee, cereal, etc. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried it, but I really like that too. And again lactose free 🙂

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