officially a Mom…

So, I think we can all agree that I’ve been a Mom for awhile now.  However, there are times when it still seems a little surreal; like a Mom is someone way more grown up than I am.  (I felt this way after I got married too.  Being a “wife” seemed crazy.  I still don’t believe it when someone calls me Mrs.)

Well, my poor little Lincoln has been sick all week.  He has a nasty stomach virus that has led to a fever (luckily only for one day), throwing up and a lot of unpleasant diapers… The good news is, despite all of that, he is still nursing a ton, staying hydrated and in relatively good spirits, considering.

I don’t know what it is, but somewhere between the late night diaper and pajama changes, quiet warm baths, and the hours of simply rocking and cuddling, I feel like I’ve been “officially” initiated into motherhood.

Here’s hoping my little man is back to his crazy self some day soon.


3 thoughts on “officially a Mom…

  1. You’re the Mom now, with all the diapers, all the barf to clean up, all of the nights he cries and you’re the only one that can comfort him because you know him better than anyone else…

    Congrats!! You’re officially a REAL Mom now, and an excellent one at that. Love, your Mom 🙂

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