a very happy Thanksgiving

We had family in town for Thanksgiving and boy, oh boy…
Lincoln loved playing with his two older cousins.

Every day, all day, he couldn’t have been happier wrestling, bouncing around, and generally rough housing with the boys.

one of their calmer moments together...

one of their calmer moments together…

We made a Thanksgiving dinner {thank goodness for my mother-in-law & sister-in-law who handled nearly all of the cooking… while I wrangled my crazy toddler boy…}, visited the beach and the aquarium, and laughed a lot.
I can’t wait for everyone to be back in town for Christmas!

So, now that it is officially the Christmas season, I am feeling the holiday spirit!  Our tree is up, halls are being decked and Christmas carols are playing on the radio.

Today we went to The Grove and Lincoln was in awe of the giant Christmas tree…

now that's a big Christmas tree!

now that’s a big Christmas tree!

attempting to see the top of the tree...

attempting to see the top of the tree…

And, as always, he loved spending weekend time with Dad.



4 thoughts on “a very happy Thanksgiving

  1. Glad yours was good and it’s so nice and warm where you are too! And, now Lincoln is big enough to enjoy things more, this Christmas will be much better for him. Merry Christmas…… 🙂

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