… and a happy new year!

But first a little Christmas recap…

So, everyone chose to gather here in California for Christmas… I guess the sunshine, warm weather and sandy beaches won out over snowy, cold mountains this year…  I am once again so thankful that despite yet another relocation, we were able to spend Christmas together with Nani, Popi, my brother and sister-in-law and the kids (“Ca” and “Eee” as Lincoln calls them).

We had our big dinner on Christmas Eve, and Lincoln dressed accordingly for our oh so fancy evening…

I was pretty obsessed with his little bowtie...

I was pretty obsessed with his little bow tie…

squinty eyes are a signature feature of the Lincoln smile...

squinty eyes are a signature feature of the Lincoln smile…

rarely captured on camera! Mom, Dad and child...

rarely captured on camera! Mom, Dad and child…

Nani, Popi, and three silly boys

Nani, Popi, and three silly boys

Of course Lincoln chose to sleep in on Christmas morning… The poor guy has five teeth coming in simultaneously and has had quite a few rough nights lately, which often lead to late awakenings…

But as soon as he was up, the present opening began (his two cousins waited very patiently for him to get up- not an easy task for a 6 and 7 year old!)

reading up on our new city…

After presents, we hopped in the car and drove down to Malibu to play at the beach.  It took Lincoln awhile, but once he warmed up to playing in/near the ocean, I could hardly tear him away.


And now we begin a new year… {and a new look for the blog… I’m still tinkering with it…}
I imagine that by the end of this year, my little Lincoln will be a walking, talking, running, jumping little boy, without a trace of baby in sight… Lately he has just been picking up new words and left and right.  Although many of them are currently only decipherable by me (and sometimes husband), he is desperately trying to say everything.  It is quite amazing to witness.

I am also hoping to do some serious exploring in this new city we are calling home…  I’ve got the local parks down and we’ve seen a few sights (Santa Monica Pier and the promenade, the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, Disneyland- although Lincoln only lasted a few hours before a nap was a serious necessity), but I know there is A LOT more to see.

Happy 2014!

One thought on “… and a happy new year!

  1. Who wants to tear themselves away from the ocean ever? You can build sand castles with him. If you were here, you could try to build a snowman- except the snow is that soft, dry kind that doesn’t stick together well in your hands. But, looks like millions of shining diamonds in the sun. High of -13 today, so you couldn’t be out for long. We hibernate, while you soak up the warm. Have fun, but watch him by the waves, always. love you, mom

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