my chatty toddler

I know I have been seriously neglecting this blog.  I truly do not know how all of those mommy bloggers out there have time to write daily posts… or how they maintain lives that are interesting enough to write about that often 🙂  Lincoln and I are always on the go, but it’s typically to Whole Foods, the post office or the dry cleaner.  I don’t think those day-to-day errands warrant any blog entries.

So, while I don’t have any fabulous recent adventures to tell you about, I can share some funny things Lincoln has said recently.  He is very verbal these days, and I love hearing all of his thoughts…

– On the airplane back from a recent trip to Bend, OR, the flight attendant asked Lincoln if he would like anything to drink.
He asked for a La Croix. (Apparently, my obsession has rubbed off.)

– Instead of wishing me a happy Mother’s Day on Sunday, Lincoln said, “Happy Easter Day!”

-One day while Lincoln was napping, I was sitting in the room with him, snacking on a bag of cashews.  Upon waking up, Lincoln saw the bag and very quietly, but very eagerly whispered, “Nuts… Cashews… Yes!”

-Reciting the words to “Looby Loo” (very similar to the “Hokey Pokey”)… Instead of saying, “I give my hand a shake, shake, shake,” quickly, Lincoln very slowly says, “I give my hand a shake, a shake, a shake…”

-We’ve been doing some counting recently, and Lincoln’s 1-10 usually goes like this, “One, two, three, four, nine, ten!”

-Every time we talk about walking outside or are about to go out, he always reminds me, “Do not step on any bees!”


My silly (almost 2 year old!!) boy


2 thoughts on “my chatty toddler

  1. Happy Birthday, Lincoln. Hope your Mom gets you a bug bottle soon, because you will need it. Your Grandma in Indiana…

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