Simplicity Parenting

I am by no means a parenting expert, but I may be an expert on parenting books simply based on the massive amount of reading I have done since Lincoln was born.  I have a nightstand overflowing with various books about early childhood education, respectful parenting and creative activities to do with children.

currently on my nightstand...

currently on my nightstand…

Anyway, one book that I just finished and thought was really great is called, “Simplicity Parenting” by Kim John Payne.  It had so much great, useable advice to “raise calmer, happier and more secure kids.”

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The book covers ways to simplify your child’s environment, create a predictable rhythm, maintain (somewhat) predictable schedules and filter out the adult world. I like that the author offers a lot of real stories of families he has helped and delivers the information in small, doable suggestions that you can actually implement in your life.

One piece of advice I have been focused on lately is simplifying the environment- in other words, reducing the amount of toys and “stuff” in our home.  Put simply, the author suggests, “the amount of toys your child sees, and has access to, should be dramatically reduced.”  I’m sure that every parent can attest to the way toys and things just seem to accumulate and multiply!  So, I have been sorting through Lincoln’s toys, donating quite a few and boxing up some others that we pull out only occasionally.

It is really amazing to see how Lincoln’s creativity comes alive with just a few toys available to him.  He literally plays with a big wooden train, a bunch of colorful wooden eggs and a handful of cars and trucks all day long.  (I mean, he does have a few more toys readily available, but Lincoln is truly content with the same few things day in and day out.)  I am also happy that our living area isn’t constantly overwhelmed with toys everywhere.

Anyway, if you are looking for a good parenting book, I highly recommend “Simplicity Parenting.”  There is a lot of good advice for mamas with toddlers, but even school age kiddos could definitely benefit from a lot of the tips.

Also, unrelated to parenting, and waaaaay late, I just read “Gone Girl” and it was amazing!!
Have you read any good books lately?

a few things…

This week really flew by!   Here’s a bit about what went we’ve been up to…

* Lincoln is 9 months old!?! Crazy.  I still have to take pictures and do his “official” monthly post, but his well-baby visit went great.  He is healthy, growing and right on track developmentally.

* Also, my cousin’s adorable baby boy just turned one, so here’s a birthday shout out to Asher!  Hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend 🙂

Happy Birthday from Lincoln :)

Happy Birthday from Lincoln!  Disclaimer– We may have taken this picture to wish Nani a happy birthday several months ago… but I know Lincoln sends his birthday wishes to his cousin too 🙂

* I started reading a new book that I am obsessed with.  It’s called, “Beyond the Sling” and it’s by Mayim Bialik.  That’s right.  It is a book by Blossom.  Anyway, it’s all about how she is raising her two boys.  Now, of course, I am really enjoying it because most of my parenting choices echo the things she is discussing…  I suppose if someone is doing things in a completely different way then they might hate the book.  But, if you are at all curious about natural childbirth, co-sleeping, gentle discipline, etc. I think this is a great book that introduces the concepts in a non-judgey way, from the perspective of a real Mom.  (Also, did you know that Blossom has a PhD?  in neuroscience? Also, I’m sure she loves being referred to as “Blossom”…)

*I just discovered a new website that I am very excited about called Brickyard Buffalo.  It’s another “deals” website like Totsy or Zuilily or Gilt, but all of the vendors they feature are small, independent artists/companies.  Does Lincoln need these adorable bicycle leggings?  For 20% off, probably…

I love them.  There are more cute prints at the vendor's website, Sugarlime Lane.

I love them. There are more cute prints at the vendor’s website, Sugarlime Lane.

* I’m still working on my “declutter, clean, simplify” mantra, and I am making some progress in Lincoln’s closet that I hope to share soon.  Along with my decluttering, I am trying to make some changes around the house to be more “natural” and “green.”  I know it’s the trendy thing to do nowadays, but truly it’s having a baby that has made me reconsider and want to change.  Pre-Lincoln I was already using household cleaners from Method and Seventh Generation and trying to eat organic as much as possible; I’m just trying to continue those things and make some more adjustments.  One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is all of the plastic in our lives nowadays.  I’d like to start using more glass, cloth and/or wood when possible.  I’m starting small by replacing our plastic Tupperware with glass food storage containers. I am also planning on looking for more wooden/cloth toys for Lincoln going forward (not that he needs anymore toys right now– we have gotten so many amazing gifts and hand-me-downs!).

Did your week fly by too?  I hope so 🙂  Also, if you have any tips on living more environmentally friendly, please feel free to share!