polar vortex indeed!

Lincoln and I spent several days in Chicago last week-
such a wonderful time of year to visit the tundra…

We were in town because my lovely friend Victoria is having a baby! and her baby shower was over the weekend.

It was great to catch up with some friends and family, but I have to confess… after several days of driving in the snow and slush, bundling myself and Lincoln up every time we stepped outdoors and a few slips on that infamous “black ice,” I was more than ready to return to sunny California.

Lincoln and all of the La Crosse cousins

Lincoln and all of the La Crosse cousins

Lincoln seemed to LOVE the snow

Lincoln LOVED the snow….

... and he was a great traveler

… and he really was a great little travel companion

Back at home, worn out from our travels...

Back at home, very worn out from our travels…