Rhythm of our days…

Oh my… is it really the last week of January already?  I hope winter is going by as fast for all of you actually experiencing a “real” winter.

I realize I haven’t posted in ages.  I guess the whirlwind of the holidays and then recovering from the holidays left little time for blogging; but, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas.

With the new year here and Lincoln getting a bit older (he’ll be 3 in May, what?!?), I’ve been thinking a lot lately about rhythm in our home life. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been quite interested in the Waldorf education philosophy, and creating a predictable rhythm is a big focus.  Simplicity Parenting also definitely touches on it.

I’m not talking about a set schedule per se- certainly anyone with a toddler can attest to the fact that maintaining tight schedules becomes quite difficult.  But, more of a gentle flow that helps a child know what to expect throughout the day (mealtimes, play time, bed time, etc.).

Currently, we have pretty good daily habits, but I’d like to work on creating more seasonal and yearly rhythm too.  This can be accomplished through focusing on seasonal changes and special holiday and festival celebrations.  Obviously, we all know the traditional holidays (Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, etc.), but delving into Waldorf, I’ve begun to discover all sorts of additional cultural festivals throughout the year- as well as ways to make those season changes (Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, etc.) more special.

I have grand plans to start incorporating these events into our year- we will see how that all pans out 😉 I will keep you posted.
First up is Valentine’s Day, so I am working on a few, small things we can do to make that day special at our home.

For now, I’ll leave you with a few family pictures we took just before the holidays.  The session was a lot of fun.  We were in the arts district in downtown LA and had an amazing photographer (Britney Moore Photography, for anyone local to LA… she was fantastic!)

Happy New Year everyone!

PS- Any tips on special things you do to celebrate throughout the year, please feel free to share 🙂





Yes, we are still here!

Oh, hello there!  So, the blog was unintentionally on a 3 month hiatus.  Nothing big and crazy has been happening here… I guess I just fell out of the habit of posting.

I’ve continued to share pictures and snippets of our life on Instagram.  It’s just so easy to snap a quick photo, write a few sentences and post.  But, I’ve been wanting to get back to writing here, maybe sharing some recipes and goodies I’ve been cooking up in the kitchen and more on our adventures around Los Angeles.

Over the weekend we went to the pumpkin patch.  It was fun being back again.  The pumpkin patch was one of our first excursions when we arrived here last fall.

I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I did last time, but here are a few.
(side note: I mentioned last year that there was a paparazzi pen at this pumpkin patch- apparently it’s where all the celebs go.  Today, I stumbled upon this article- Only in L.A. Sadly, we did not spot J.Lo, Jessica Alba or any other noteworthy celebrities during our visit- although to be honest, I was too busy chasing around a 2 year old to do much people watching 😉 )

This was Lincoln's face after waiting for about 30 minutes for a pony ride...

This was Lincoln’s face after waiting for about 30 minutes for a pony ride…

At last!  A ride on Tucker the pony!

At last! A ride on Tucker the pony.

Lincoln & Dad

Lincoln & Dad

And after the pumpkin patch, Lincoln ran around in a nearby park

And after the pumpkin patch, Lincoln ran around in a nearby park

belated Halloween

I know Halloween was two weeks ago, but I thought it would still be fun to share some pictures from our trip to a local pumpkin patch.

(PS – This pumpkin patch had an area roped off for the paparazzi to linger about near the entrance.  We are definitely in LA…)

(Also, thank you for all of the comments and messages about Riley.  It’s been a long week and we are still figuring out how to move forward with his healthcare, but all of the kind words were greatly appreciated.)

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