a very happy Thanksgiving

We had family in town for Thanksgiving and boy, oh boy…
Lincoln loved playing with his two older cousins.

Every day, all day, he couldn’t have been happier wrestling, bouncing around, and generally rough housing with the boys.

one of their calmer moments together...

one of their calmer moments together…

We made a Thanksgiving dinner {thank goodness for my mother-in-law & sister-in-law who handled nearly all of the cooking… while I wrangled my crazy toddler boy…}, visited the beach and the aquarium, and laughed a lot.
I can’t wait for everyone to be back in town for Christmas!

So, now that it is officially the Christmas season, I am feeling the holiday spirit!  Our tree is up, halls are being decked and Christmas carols are playing on the radio.

Today we went to The Grove and Lincoln was in awe of the giant Christmas tree…

now that's a big Christmas tree!

now that’s a big Christmas tree!

attempting to see the top of the tree...

attempting to see the top of the tree…

And, as always, he loved spending weekend time with Dad.




I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!  We drove down to Bend, Oregon again to visit with Lincoln’s Nani & Popi, Uncle Steven, Aunt Jen and cousins Andrew & Connor.  We had a great time.  Here are some (a lot) of pictures from the long weekend.

We got in late Wednesday night, but Lincoln was up bright and early on Thursday morning.  He must have been excited for all of the festivities 🙂

Thank you Rose & Natalie for the adorable outfit!

We are using a plan called ‘Baby Led Weaning’ as our guide for introducing solid foods.  (For more information check out links here and here.)  The general idea is that rather than beginning with purees and spoon-feeding, you let baby feed themselves from the start.  It’s definitely the messier route, but Lincoln seemed to have a wonderful time “eating” sweet potatoes at our Thanksgiving dinner.


After just one day, Nani & Popi’s dog was worn out from all of the excitement…

sleepy puppy

We all laid low on ‘Black Friday’, but Saturday night we got together again for a big family dinner and game night.

Lincoln with his cousin Connor

Lincoln with his cousin Andrew

Uncle Steven, Aunt Jen, Lincoln and his cousins

I haven’t taken any pictures of Lincoln with Nani & Popi since the first week he was home from the hospital!  I had to be sure I got a few during our visit…



Lincoln loved spending time with everyone, but I think Nani might be his favorite…

And finally, I made sure to get some pictures of Lincoln, myself and husband.  I’m using some for our Christmas card, but here are two cute ones.