abandoning the blog?

I have to confess I’ve been having trouble finding time to post lately. Clearly this is evident in the fact that it’s been about two weeks since I last wrote.

In that time, Lincoln has fully recovered from his stomach virus. Of course despite all of the hand washing, continuous laundry and other miscellaneous cleaning, husband and I both caught a bit of the bug. Luckily it was a much milder case for both of us– nothing at all like what Lincoln had.

Anyway, since then, we’ve been able to resume our usual outings to music class and ‘mommy & me’ meet ups. It’s also been extremely warm here, in the 80s everyday, so Lincoln and I have been spending a lot of time at the park.

This is from last weekend when Dad joined us at the park 🙂

We are now off to Bend to visit family there. Our two nephews are playing t-ball this year and we are going down to see one of their games.

This does means another 6+ hour car ride with Lincoln. The good news is since we switched him into a convertible car seat, he seems to do much, much better in the car. He is still (obviously) rear-facing, but the new seat allows him to see out the windows and I think it’s just more comfortable. Hopefully I can distract him with snacks and books… and I am hoping for a nice long nap!

Of course I waited until this morning to frantically pack. While I got things together, Lincoln did this…

(that’s an entire roll of toilet paper that has been unrolled in case you can’t tell)

So, I am not abandoning my blog, but as spring turns to summer and the nice weather continues, posts may become a bit more sporadic.

Have a nice weekend!

on the road!